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Aside from the affordable price that you have asked for me. I will not forget about your company because when I have hard time thinking about questions that might come out during my defense, your company is there to help me. You give me reasonable and reliable questions. You truly have experts to help people with their PHD defense.

Melvin, USA

PhD Defense Presentation

Everyone should know the 6Ps; proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance. Never is this truer than for your PhD defense. If you want to be able to sail through this with hopefully the minimum amount of work to be completed after, you need to make sure that you are prepared for every eventuality. This does not however mean that you have to carry into your defense tomes of information and thousands of slides that you just might need, you need to be aware of the things that you are most likely to be grilled over within your research and what may interest the members of the committee.

Your PhD Defense Preparation

The first stage of your PhD defense is your presentation; you have to impress the committee with your ability to explain your thesis from start to finish in usually around 25 minutes or so. If you go on you may find that your presentation actually gets cut off before you finish so that they can ask their questions. Our consultant can help you to produce your PhD defense slides; they know exactly what the committee will be looking to hear from you about your thesis and will be able to concisely summarize your thesis into a simple PhD defense ppt file for you to present. This will provide you with a simple PowerPoint presentation that you will be able to use to impress the committee as well as provide you with information and slides that may be useful in answering some of the questions that you are asked. Our consultant can also help you to anticipate some of the potential questions that you may be asked and prepare any visual aids that may be of use in answering some of those questions so that you are doubly prepared.

PhD Coaching

Our consultant will also help you by mentoring you in how to actually present your PhD defense presentation and in how to answer the various questions that you may receive. Their experience allows them to understand what they may ask you and thus give you some insight as to what areas you will need to be fully prepared for.

Why Should You Use Us for Your PhD Defense Presentation?

Our PhD defense consultants can provide you with a quality PhD defense presentation as well as coaching to help you get through your defense. PhD defense however is something that will require the help of a real expert which is why our consultants are all PhD qualified themselves. Your consultant will hold a PhD in your specific field of study and will therefore be able to understand your thesis and be able to put it into context within your subject. So if you want to use their expert help for your PhD defense presentation or any other support just get in touch today.

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