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Aside from the affordable price that you have asked for me. I will not forget about your company because when I have hard time thinking about questions that might come out during my defense, your company is there to help me. You give me reasonable and reliable questions. You truly have experts to help people with their PHD defense.

Melvin, USA

About Us

The final stage of your PhD is your defense; this is your chance to present your findings and answer the many questions of your peers. Within a few hours you will know the final outcome of your many years of work and if you will be awarded your PhD or have to still perform many more months of work. As with any other part of life, the key to performing well at your PhD defense and getting the best possible result is your preparation. We are here to help you ensure that your preparation is enough to help you sail confidently through your PhD defense.

PhD Defense Preparation

PhD defense will require you to present your thesis through a short but concise presentation. Your presentation will need to cover all of the various parts of your thesis without getting too in depth; remember that the committee should already have read your thesis. We can help you to prepare this presentation to ensure that it can cover all of the areas that the committee will be expecting to see covered. We know exactly what they want to see so can ensure your presentation does not contain unnecessary content which may distract those who are there to judge you.

PhD Coaching

The hardest part of your PhD defense is the questions and answers session where each member will get to ask you a couple of questions one after the other. They could ask you to justify or elaborate on any part of your dissertation or even question your findings completely; they may also ask far broader questions within your subject area. Our staff can help coach you through the many questions that you nay be asked during doctoral defense and help you to sketch out possible answers. They can also help you by creating additional visuals that can help with questions that you feel are likely to be asked. Remember the more preparation you put in the better the likely outcome of your defense.

Why Choose Us for PhD Assistance?

Our PhD qualified staff are the ideal people to provide you with support. Your consultant will be chosen for their PhD in your specific field of study so will be fully qualified to provide you with the support and help that you really need. Every consultant has a huge amount of relevant experience of producing presentations and visual aids for PhD defense as well as coaching people like yourself to be able to handle the likely questions that you will be asked with confidence.

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